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blue_sky_day's Journal

Dum spiro spero
Coming soon(er or later)
architecture, art, arthurian legend, baking, beethoven, bible, bicycle, books, bookstores, broadway, c.s. lewis, cartoons, catholicism, charles dickens, chinese films, chinese food, chocolate, christian literature, christianity, christmas, classical music, comedy, comics, composers, computers, cookies, cooking, country music, creativity, daphne du maurier, debate, dictionaries, disney, european history, fandom, fantasy, fiction, filk, folk music, folklore, food, freedom, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, french literature, fyodor dostoevsky, games, gardening, gong li, gourmet, grammar, great lakes, greek tragedies, green tea, history, human rights, humor, imagination, internet, jason robert brown, knitting, languages, learning, legends, les misérables, libraries, literature, medieval history, monty python, movies, music, mythology, narnia, new testament, newspapers, npr, old testament, opera, outdoors, parody, phantom of the opera, philosophy, poetry, poland, polish, polish history, politics, pro-life, reading, religious freedom, rodgers & hammerstein, russia, satire, science fiction, shakespeare, shusaku endo, silent films, simon and garfunkel, singing, small business, small businesses, spanish, spanish literature, star wars, stories, t.s. eliot, theology, thinking, time travel, train, travel, trivia, truth, u2, victor hugo, vilhelm moberg, violin, web design, world music, world war ii, writers, writing, 中國, 中文, 張藝謀, 日本語, 遠藤 周作, 音樂